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In Indonesia, IBM has awarded SWG as IBM's Top Software Distributor for 2019, 2018, 2017, 2014, and 2012 business performance. Additional awards included IBM Velocity Distributor in 2022, IBM Top Innovator Distributor and IBM Top Commercial Distributor for Systems Software in 2016, and IBM Top Growth Software Distributor, IBM Best Software & Subscription Support Distributor in 2017.

SWG has also been awarded as Autodesk's Largest Growth VAD in ASEAN (FY15) and Autodesk's 1st Placement Accelerator in ASEAN for Renewal.

SWG strives to be a reputable Distributor in Indonesia by bringing value to Principals, Partners, and Stakeholders through Excellence Executions while also being at the Forefront of Technology Advancements.

About SWG

Board of Directors

Our board of directors strongly believes in the bright future of our brands, our business and the positive impact we have, and should have, on local communities


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IBM Software

2019 Top IBM Software Distributor

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