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IBM® Turbonomic® is a performance and cost optimization platform for public, private, and hybrid clouds with features that provide benefits to organizations by offering overall layer visualization, intelligent automation, and AI-driven insights. Our software is part of the IBM IT automation lineup and can be integrated with various software and platforms that make up your environment.

Turbonomic enables you to continuously automate critical actions in real-time (without human intervention) that proactively apply the most efficient utilization of computing resources, storage, and network in your application at every stack layer. As a result, you avoid overprovisioning resources to the cloud environment and only use what is necessary. Thus, cloud bills are lower, and ROI is stronger.


Why IBM Turbonomic ?

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Ensuring Application Performance

Intelligent automation understands the dependencies between applications and infrastructure, proactively identifies bottlenecks, and takes corrective actions to improve performance and availability.

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Optimizing IT resources in real time

Application-aware analysis dynamically optimizes resources to ensure that workloads receive the appropriate amount of CPU, memory, network, and storage without over-provisioning or under-provisioning.

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Optimizing costs

Automating processes and eliminating guesswork in provisioning application resources, allowing IT teams to focus on critical priorities.

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Aligning infrastructure and application teams

An integrated data model aligns infrastructure, application, and DevOps teams in a single view for real-time and evolving application and infrastructure health monitoring.

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Managing hybrid and multicloud

Integration supported by patented abstraction enables the management of automatically optimized resources, from your private data center to AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

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Seamless Integration

Turbonomic seamlessly integrates with existing tools in your organization, enabling fast time-to-value realization.

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