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Sinergi Wahana Gemilang (SWG) has been building strategic partnerships with key stakeholders — including world class IT technology partners.

PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang commenced its journey as an IBM Software Distributor in 2010, establishing a significant partnership with IBM as its pioneering principal collaborator. Building upon this collaboration, SWG expanded its portfolio to include distribution of IBM Hardware in 2019. Through this enduring partnership, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang remains steadfast in its commitment to advancing technology's frontier by facilitating access to IBM's innovative research, development, and transformative solutions for businesses across Indonesia.


In 2023, Cloudera engaged PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang as its distributor. Cloudera offers secure data management and portable cloud-native data analytics through an open, hybrid data platform. Whether supporting business-critical AI applications or facilitating real-time analytics on a large scale, the Cloudera Data Platform empowers businesses to utilize their data securely from any location. Through this collaboration, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang and Cloudera aims to unleash the complete potential of data in businesses, fostering innovation, optimizing operations, and attaining strategic objectives.

Rockwell Automation trusted PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang assumed the role of Distributor for Automation Specialty in 2022. Offering an array of advanced control systems, software, and comprehensive industrial IoT solutions, Rockwell Automation collaborates with PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang to empower businesses across diverse sectors in Indonesia, enabling them to innovate, adapt, and prosper within the rapidly evolving digital landscape of Industry 4.0.

rockwell automation

PT. Sinergi Wahana Gemilang embarked on its journey as an Autodesk distributor in 2013, initially appointed as a distributor for MFG. Subsequently, it attained the status of Autodesk Gold Value Added Resellers (VAR) in 2015. In 2019, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang achieved the distinction of being Autodesk's 1st Placement Accelerator in ASEAN for Renewal (FY19). Offering a range of software solutions spanning architectural and engineering design to animation and visual effects tools, Autodesk caters to the diverse requirements of its clients. Through a steadfast commitment to sustainability and collaborative endeavors, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang and Autodesk remain at the forefront of shaping the future of design and creativity in Indonesia.

In the year 2020, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang was appointed as a distributor for Samsung Knox. Subsequently, building upon this existing collaboration, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang was also designated as a distributor for Samsung B2B in 2021. Additionally, within the same year, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang received accolades for achieving the distinction of Best Revenue Overall. Anchored in a steadfast commitment to quality, reliability, and sustainability, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang and Samsung endeavor to enhance lives through their diverse array of products, while concurrently shaping the trajectory of technology in Indonesia.


In 2015, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang was designated as an Esri Value Added Partner. Esri has extended comprehensive assistance to our clientele by employing geographic science and geospatial analytics, often referred to as The Science of Where. Our problem-solving approach embraces a geographical viewpoint, complemented by state-of-the-art GIS technology. PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang and Esri are committed to harnessing science and technology to promote the advancement of a sustainable society in Indonesia.

In 2023, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang initiated its role as a distributor for Here Technologies. Currently, HERE Technologies occupies a prominent position as the foremost global provider of location platform solutions, with operations spanning 52 countries worldwide. Here Technologies' impact is notably profound within the automotive sector, and we aspire to establish substantial collaborations with prominent entities across diverse industries, encompassing transportation, logistics, mobility, manufacturing, retail, and the public sector.


Established in 2016, Awanio initially operated as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) provider catering to the hosting needs of its clients for applications and data. As Awanio has evolved, its service offerings have expanded to encompass not only the B2C sector but also the B2B segment. Specifically tailored for B2B clients, Awanio now offers a Cloud Management Platform that can be seamlessly integrated and utilized within the IT infrastructure of businesses. This empowers business users to efficiently orchestrate their IT resources using Awanio's sophisticated software solutions. In pursuit of deploying the Awanio solution for businesses for businiesses SWG has entered a strategic partnership as a distributor for Awanio in Indonesia since 2023.

Established in 1996, Zyrex was founded with the vision of making Indonesia proud of its local technology products. Today, Zyrex is well-received and recognized as a quality Indonesian computer brand by many loyal customers. A significant portion of these customers has remained with Zyrex for over 20 years. With the aim of further advancing local technology products, PT Sinergi Wahana Gemilang officially became the distributor of Zyrex in 2024.

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