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Create Experiences Your Customers Want to Experience with Watson AI

Deliver better customer care by automating self-service support with AI-powered answers and


How well you can wow your customers makes the difference between delivering customer service and true customer care. They don’t just want to chat. They want actions and answers. They want personalized experiences. And they expect you to anticipate their needs. But how can you provide expert care to every customer across all channels while maintaining a

manageable workload?

IBM watsonx® Assistant is a conversational AI platform designed with this reality in mind. Empower your teams to build AI-powered bots that can do more than just chat, and actually resolve customer issues. With watsonx Assistant anyone can create intelligent virtual agents that use advanced natural language processing (NLP) and best-in-class AI. These bot agents understand your customers’ needs and have deep integrations with the rest of your business that allow them to take action. The natural language understanding (NLU) embedded in watsonx Assistant even allows your customer care team to recognize why someone is calling. Robust? Yes. Intelligent? Yes. Complicated to build? Not at all.

Success with conversational AI implementations starts with understanding. Your business needs bots that can learn to understand both natural language and the language of your business. Powered by NLU, Assistant offers a robust set of features without forcing undue complexity on the builder. From intent and entity detection to autocorrection, disambiguation or topic switches, your virtual agents will be able to handle the complexities of natural conversation out of the box. Behind the conversational front end are deep and seamless integrations with your existing systems and processes, helping your virtual agents solve customer problems. Watsonx Assistant. Seamlessly integrates with your existing customer support and service channels and back-end systems. This simplicity enables watsonx Assistant to start assisting your customers on day one—even in the most complex and critical conversations. Say goodbye to spending weeks tinkering around the edges, testing and ramping up. And say hello to an intuitive low-code visual builder that helps make it easy to build, edit and maintain AI agents across all channels.


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