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Unlock the full potential of your data with AI-powered automation and insights in Cognos Analytics. The natural language AI assistant is always available–describe the data you need and let Cognos Analytics build stunning data visualizations for you. Describe a question or a hypothesis you want to test and let AI give you the insights you need.

Transform your business team into power users so your data analysts can focus on finding deeper insights. Move to the new generation of BI with AI capabilities that not only bring an accurate, trusted and complete picture of your business, but forecast what’s coming in the future, predict outcomes and explain why they may happen.


Benefits of Cognos Analytics  ?

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Web-based data modeling

Upload, connect to, join and model your data.

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Interactive dashboards and enterprise reports

Up to 5 users can join the same trial instance.

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Data exploration and prediction

Predictive forecasting, decision trees, AI assistant and more.

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