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IBM® watsonx.governance™ was built to direct, manage and monitor the artificial intelligence (AI) activities of your organization by using IBM watsonx™, one integrated platform, which can be deployed on cloud or on-premises.

  • Govern generative AI (gen AI) and machine learning (ML) models from any vendor including IBM®™, Amazon Sagemaker and Bedrock, Google Vertex and Microsoft Azure.

  • Evaluate and monitor for model health, accuracy, drift, bias and gen AI quality. 

  • Access powerful governance, risk and compliance capabilities featuring workflows with approvals, customizable dashboards, risk scorecards and reports.

  • Use factsheet capabilities to collect and document model metadata automatically across the AI model lifecycle.Benefit


The value of building responsible AI

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Manage AI to meet upcoming safety and transparency regulations and policies, including the EU AI Act, worldwide—a nutrition label for AI.

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Risk management

Detect and mitigate risks proactively. Monitor fairness, bias, drift and new LLM metrics.

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Lifecycle governance

Manage, monitor and govern AI models from IBM, open-source communities and other model providers.

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