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“An open, hybrid and governed data store”

IBM®™ data enables you to scale analytics and AI with all your data, wherever it resides, through: 

  • Open formats to access all your data through a single point of entry and share a single copy of data across your organization and workloads, without needing to migrate or recatalog, reducing ETL and data duplication.

  • Integrated vectorized embedding capabilities to prepare your data for Retrieval Augment Generation (RAG) or other machine learning and generative AI (gen AI) use cases. 

  • Gen AI-powered conversational interface to easily find, augment and visualize data and unlock new data insights—no SQL required (in tech preview).

  • Integration with existing databases, tools and modern data stacks.

  • Hybrid deployment options as fully managed SaaS on IBM Cloud® and AWS or self-managed containerized software on premises.

Scale AI workloads for all your data, anywhere.


Why IBM Watsonx Data ?

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Access your data across hybrid cloud

Connect to storage and analytics environments in minutes and access all your data through a single point of entry with a shared metadata layer across clouds and on-premises environments.

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Leverage quality data for AI

Unify, curate and prepare data efficiently for AI models and applications of your choice. Empower your AI with your trusted data.

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Reduce your data warehouse cost

With workload optimization across multiple query engines and storage tiers, minimize the cost of your data warehouse by 50% and pair the right workload with the right engine.

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