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“Redefine SIEM to unleash analyst potential and outpace adversaries with speed, scale and accuracy”

Empowering today’s modern SOC with enterprise-grade AI

As the cost of a data breach rises and cyberattacks become increasingly sophisticated, the role of security operations center (SOC) analysts is more critical than ever. IBM Security® QRadar® SIEM is more than a tool; it is a teammate for SOC analysts—with advanced AI, powerful threat intelligence and access to the latest detection content.

IBM Security QRadar SIEM uses multiple layers of AI and automation to enhance alert enrichment, threat prioritization and incident correlation—presenting related alerts cohesively in a unified dashboard, reducing noise and saving time. QRadar SIEM helps maximize your security team’s productivity by providing a unified experience across all SOC tools, with integrated, advanced AI and automation capabilities.

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Why Qradar SIEM ?


Analysts saved more than 14,000 hours over 3 years on identifying false positives.*

Experience the power of IBM enterprise-grade AI designed to amplify the efficiency and expertise of every security team. With QRadar SIEM, analysts can reduce repetitive manual tasks such as case creation and risk prioritization to focus on critical investigation and remediation efforts.


Analysts saw a 90% reduction in time spent investigating incidents.*

Disrupt advanced cyberattacks and respond faster with cutting-edge content, including native integration with the open source SIGMA community. No additional context is needed with correlated log event data, including IBM X-Force® Threat Intelligence, user behavior analytics and network analytics.


There was a 60% reduction in the risk of experiencing a significant security breach.*

Easily work across all data source types and security tools with robust interoperability. Equipped with over 700 prebuilt integrations and partner extensions*, QRadar SIEM seamlessly integrates with your existing threat detection tools to ensure you get complete visibility across your security ecosystem.

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