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“Secure endpoints from cyberattacks, detect anomalous behavior and remediate in near real time”


Endpoint detection and response (EDR) solutions are more important than ever, as endpoints remain the most exposed and exploited part of any network. The rise of malicious and automated cyber activity targeting endpoints leaves organizations struggling against attackers who easily exploit zero-day vulnerabilities with a barrage of ransomware attacks. 

IBM Security® QRadar® EDR provides a more holistic EDR approach that:

  1. Remediates known and unknown endpoint threats in near real time with intelligent automation

  2. Enables informed decision-making with attack visualization storyboards

  3. Automates alert management to reduce analyst fatigue and focus on threats that matter

  4. Empowers staff and helps safeguard business continuity with advanced continuous learning AI capabilities and a user-friendly interface

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Benefits Qradar EDR

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Get a clear line of sight

Regain full control over all endpoint and threat activity with heightened visibility across your environment. Designed to be undetectable by adversaries, NanoOS technology provides deep visibility into the processes and applications running on endpoints.

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Automate your response

Our continuously-learning AI detects and responds autonomously in near real time to previously unseen threats and helps even the most inexperienced analyst with guided remediation and automated alert handling.

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Move from reactive to proactive

Get ahead of attackers with easy-to-create detection and response use cases that return results in seconds, leaving dormant threats with no room to hide. Easy-to-build use cases are deployed across the organization without interrupting endpoint uptime.

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