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IBM Storage Ceph is an IBM-supported distribution of the open-source Ceph platform that provides massively scalable object, block, and file storage in a single system. It is part of the IBM Storage portfolio of software-defined storage.

IBM Storage Ceph is designed to operationalize AI with enterprise resiliency and consolidate data with software simplicity and run on multiple hardware platforms to provide flexibility and lower costs.

Engineered to be self-healing and self-managing with no single point of failure and includes storage analytics for critical insights into growing amounts of data. IBM Storage Ceph can be used as an easy and efficient way to build a data lakehouse for IBM and for next-generation AI workloads.

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Benefits of IBM Storage CEPH  ?

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Increase scalability

Grow from as small as three nodes to thousands of nodes non-disruptively to be able to address billions of pieces of information.

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Unify storage

Use a single platform that supports block, object and file storage combined to manage all your data, lowering costs significantly and helping customers handle exponential data growth.

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Manage costs

Leverage software-defined storage built with open standards that keeps CAPEX and OPEX costs in line with underlying commodity hardware prices.

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Use and store data efficiently

Make use of data reduction capabilities for disk usage optimization, partial or complete reads/writes with atomic transactions, replication and erasure coding for data protection, policy-based optimization, and much more.

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