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“An attack surface management solution designed to uncover your exposures through the lens of an adversary”

IBM Security® Randori Recon is an attack surface management SaaS that monitors internal and external attack surfaces for unexpected changes, blind spots, misconfigurations, and process failures. It is part of the IBM Security portfolio.

Uncover your attack surface risks, before attackers do
Enterprise attack surface continues to expand with digital transformation. While organizations have successfully fixed known vulnerabilities on managed organizational assets, the rapid adoption of hybrid cloud models and an increasingly remote workforce have made it nearly impossible for security teams to manage an expanding attack surface. Cyber risks get further compounded when organizations inherit an unknown attack surface during mergers and acquisitions (M&A). To know where adversaries will strike, you must see your attack surface as they do.

IBM Security Randori Recon, an external attack surface management SaaS, provides continuous asset discovery and risk prioritization from an attacker’s perspective. This cloud-native offering helps your SecOps team continuously monitor your attack surface to discover assets exposed to attackers and prioritize them based on adversarial temptation. Additionally, with bidirectional integrations that work seamlessly with your existing security stack, it helps improve your overall cybersecurity posture.

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Benefits IBM Security Randori Recon

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Clarify your cyber risk

Make informed decisions using continuous asset discovery and risk-based prioritization to get an accurate view of your attack surface.

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Drive program efficiencies

Reduce the time and effort your security team spends on vulnerability scanning and attack surface exposure analysis.

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Streamline operations

Eliminate data silos by using bidirectional integrations that work with your existing security stack and improve the effectiveness of your security tools.

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