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IBM® Power® is a family of servers that are based on IBM Power processors and are capable of running IBM AIX®, IBM i and Linux®.


Respond faster to business demands, protect your data from core to cloud, and streamline insights and automation. Modernize your applications and infrastructure with a frictionless hybrid cloud experience. IBM Power servers provide the agility, reliability and sustainability your organization requires.



IBM Power is known for its scalability and performance with the most demanding workloads. It provides superior virtualization and management features for flexibility, and security with better isolation and integrated stack. With a leading reliability rating for 14 years running, it all adds up to a distinct TCO advantage for your business.

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IBM P 1.png

Reliable – 99.9999%

ITIC survey of 1,900 C-level executives across 37 vertical markets gives IBM Power a 99.9999% or greater availability rating.¹

IBM P 3.png

Sustainable – 20%

Mondi sees a 20% increase in end-user application performance for SAP S/4HANA, boosting operational efficiency to meet their climate objectives.³

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Secure – 3.3 minutes

Survey says IBM Power experiences 3.3 minutes or less of unplanned outage due to security issues.²

IBM P 4.png

AI ready – 3.5X faster

IBM tests show that the same multitiered OLTP workload on the Red Hat® OpenShift®, running IBM® WebSphere® Hybrid Edition on an IBM® Power® S1022 server, can process 3.6 times more transactions per second per core.

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