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IBM® Business Automation Workflow is a key capability of IBM Cloud Pak® for Business Automation. It unites information, processes and users to help you automate digital workflows on premises or on cloud. Create workflows that increase productivity, improve collaboration between teams, and gain new insight to resolve cases and drive better business outcomes.

Business Automation Workflow integrates seamlessly with the AI conversational interface of IBM watsonx Orchestrate through Cloud Pak for Business Automation, enabling users to discover workflows and gain insights with ease in a unified system. 


“Automate your digital workflows to increase productivity, efficiency and insights—on premises or on cloud”


Benefit of IBM Business Automation Workflow

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Integrated BPM and case management

Consolidate and standardize task work for easier prioritization. Combine process-centric and case-centric work in repeatable business workflows to meet wider enterprise needs.

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Improved customer service

Expedite client engagement by providing workflow participants and case workers with access to systems, information and analytics. Speed transactional workflows and case resolutions.

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Enhanced decision making

Use built-in visibility and powerful analytics to identify the best actions to resolve cases quickly and improve collaboration between IT and business teams.

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Manageable startup costs

Start projects small with low startup costs and a subscription-based consumption model, then grow and scale smoothly from initial project to enterprise-wide program.

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Easy access

Take advantage of a self-service portal for access to the development, testing and runtime environments.

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