Knox Guard 

Risk management solution for device installment plans
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Knox Guard is a new cloud-based service enabling carriers, financial partners, and retailers running installment plans to remotely message and lock Samsung devices.

From out-of-the-box till final payment, Knox Guard customers can monitor device subscription payments, notify delinquent customers of their overdue subscription status, and remotely lock devices.

Mandatory message notifications

Notify device users of overdue payments by remotely sending non-dismissible message notifications to their devices.

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Customizable messages

Send users custom notifications such as reminders of overdue payments or warnings.

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Non-dismissible option

Make messages non-dismissible until the user's payment status is in good standing.

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Real-time delivery

Messages can be sent to individual devices or in bulk

Over-the-air device use restriction

Prevent unpaid devices from being resold in the gray market by restricting device use, either entirely or partially. Once the user's payment subscription has been restored to good standing, the device can be unlocked and functionality restored.

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Lock device screen and block access to Home Screen

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Disable binary flashing, USB/Bluetooth/tethering NFC connection.

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Outgoing call restriction

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Customizable lock screen message.

Robust manageability

Smartphones are portable powerhouses, but with Knox Manage, an enterprise can restrict how these devices are used to prevent the leaking of confidential business data by employees performing unintended actions. More than 280 policies are available, including whitelisting and blacklisting apps or websites, as well as pushing required apps or files.
IT admins can also manage devices based on pre-defined events – for instance, blocking access to cameras on employee phones during work hours, or establishing an exception policy to a specific user for a certain length of time.

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Schedule notifications and device locks.

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Customizable profile management.

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Integrates with legacy processes and systems

Flexible device registration methods: Knox Deployment App/Knox Reseller API/Knox Reseller Portal.