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IBM Software

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Discover meaningful patterns in your data, gain insights and interpret and communicate discoveries to others

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 Business Solutions

Simplify processes with business solutions built to work with enterprise applications and data

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Watson Internet of Things

Engage the power of cognitive computing

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Get on-demand access to shared computing resources for rapid provisioning ' and released with minimal management effort

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Enable your mobile devices for computing and Internet connectivity applications and sharing

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Turn faster insight into faster action with analytics tools built on a trusted data foundation

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Find solutions to transform your business processes, from automated BPM to robotic process automation to AI-powered automation

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Protect computer systems from theft or damage to the hardware or software, as well as from disruption or fraud.

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IT Infrastructure

Use hardware, software, networks and facilities to develop, test, deliver, monitor, control and support IT services

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Out think tough business challenges using technologies and applications with built-in cognition

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