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Product Development

3D Scanning, Reverse engineering, Rapid Prototyping, Aftermarket

FARO® provides complete high-level 3D solutions for Product Development with the aim of increasing production, accelerate processes and optimize times and resources.

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Your fastest and easiest way to a 3D CAD model

Let Ideas Become Reality

Capture Physical Part Geometry as the Front End of Your
Design Process

If you can imagine it, you can do it. The 3D scanner is the sculptor’s chisel and the editing software the actual glass paper. 3D scanning is the starting point for creative processes: no more limits for space, details, colors or shapes. Everything starts with an idea. With FARO devices thoughts and sketches can become reality. 

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Research & Development

Solution for :

  • Ergonomic and Concept Studies

  • Protype Design

  • Testing and Simulation

  • Competitive Analysis

  • Machine and Plan Development


Packaging Design

Solution to create perfect fit packaging design using :

  1. A 2D projection of the scanned product

  2. The 3D model for the best results


Aftermarket Development

Solution for :

  • Designing aftermarket - replacement parts

  • Designing accessories



Solution for :

  • Makers

  • Prototype design

  • Computer graphics, rendering, & VR

  • Reverse engineering

  • Industry 4.0


Replacement Parts

Solution for :

  • Reverse engineering of 
    outdated, worn or broken original products

  • Reverse engineering of individual parts



Solution for :

  • R&D

  • Fablab

  • Schools & Universities

  • Art & Heritage

  • Digital Febrication


Retrofitting & Customization

Solution for :

  • Retrofitting of OEM products for special purposes

  • Customization of OEM products

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